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The Good, The Great, and The Overs: 3 NBA Eastern Conference Over Win Totals

NBA Media Days are kicking off which means we are just over a month away from basketball being back! To celebrate, I will be diving into some win totals that I believe will go over and under in the East and West, breaking things down into four separate columns to look back on as the basketball season goes on. The NBA has never been better from a talent standpoint, and should once again be extremely exciting and filled with drama. Let's fuel the drama even more by betting on some win totals.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Over 46.5 (-120) - 2 Units

I gave this play out in my Donovan Mitchell Trade Reaction piece from September 2nd, so if you missed out on it I really deep dive the trade and give some analysis on this play there. I absolutely loved the Cavaliers to go over 42.5 wins before the Donovan Mitchell deal. Now the line has pushed to 46.5 and there is no reason to look into the under on that number either.

The Eastern Conference really beat up badly on each other last season. It should be a similar scenario this year, which makes some of these win totals worrisome when taking the over. However, I am not concerned about the Cavaliers exceeding this number. This squad hit 44 wins last season with Jarrett Allen only playing 56 games, and now you add in All-Star Donovan Mitchell to offer another layer of scoring.

You now have arguably the strongest group of four players in the league in Garland, Mitchell, Mobley, and Allen headlining your starting lineup. The contracts will be a concern for Cleveland's bench unit in the future, but for 2022-2023 they are deep with Rubio, Levert, Love, and one of Osman or Okoro. The Cavaliers are about to be a staple of success in the Eastern Conference for at least the next four years, and I expect it to get off to a resounding start this season.

H/T ESPN.com for the photo

Philadelphia 76ers: Over 50.5 (-110) - 1 Unit

The James Harden hate bandwagon will grimace when they see this. I am all in on the 76ers delivering yet another impressive regular season. We are not betting on the Sixers to make a run in the playoffs here folks, it is if they can go 10 games over .500.

Joel Embiid had the best season of his career which is not a coincidence that it was also the most healthy season of his career. Joel got the help he needed on February 10th when the Sixers acquired Harden from the Brooklyn Nets, and Philly looked dominant following the move picking up 19 wins in the final 28 games. Harden only played 21 of those games, providing 14 wins, but notoriously saw some issues towards the end of the season and end in the playoffs that provided him with lots of criticism all summer long.

I am banking on another healthy season for Embiid which historically has been a tall ask, as well as a full offseason in Philly for Harden which has actually looked pretty good as he may have trimmed down some. I am also a fan of the additions Philly made in the offseason. The Sixers added DeAnthony Melton which adds a great bit of depth at guard so Harden and Maxey are not doing all the heavy lifting in the backcourt. They also added veteran PJ Tucker who provides strong defending to a squad that desperately needed it at times, and Montrezl Harrell who has not looked the same since leaving the Clippers but is surely an upgrade to back up Joel over DeAndre Jordan.

The Sixers have the fourth highest win total line in the East, just behind Boston, Milwaukee, and Brooklyn. It would be surprising for all four of those teams to go over, but I feel comfortable betting on the Sixers to improve a level further from last year as a team even if Joel takes a slight step back. Philadelphia had 51 wins last season which would have surpassed their total for 2022-2023, and I feel good about them going above expectations yet again.

H/T Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports for the photo.

Boston Celtics: Over 55.5 (-110) - 1 Unit

You can look at this right from the get-go and call me a homer for picking my favorite team to go over 55.5 wins, which is the largest win total in the NBA Season Props market for the 2022-2023 season. You can also look at my track record of being extremely pessimistic about this squad for the past 5 years now, and it finally coming to fruition on defense as a reason to believe my words a bit more. The Boston Celtics were not on a flukey run last season. If the defense continues to look like it did at the beginning of 2022, this win total set by the guys in Vegas is justified.

The Celtics went 33-10 from January 8th and on last season, which completely turned around a team that looked destined for yet another low seed in the very deep Eastern Conference. The defense that the Celtics were able to put together under Ime Udoka was remarkable, especially considering the defensive pedigree Brad Stevens brought from Butler and instilled into previous Celtics teams that he just could not seem to inspire over the last 2 to 3 seasons. Add in how well-oiled the offense looked and how often the C's were blowing teams out in January and beyond, and you've got no reason to believe Boston can't dominate again this year.

I believe that the deep playoffs run to the NBA Finals was also validation for the boys in green. They now know what it feels like and want to experience the taste of a championship after coming so close last season. The squad runs deep as they have added Malcolm Brogdon, and there are rumors there may be one more addition at the four with new forward Danilo Gallinari going down to a torn ACL. The Celtics have finally figured out their rotation that works, and if Al Horford, Robert Williams, and Marcus Smart can stay healthy this team will be difficult to stop.

I also am interested in taking the over wins for the Celtics because it will be difficult to bet on them on a game-by-game basis this season. I expect Boston to be heavy favorites in a lot of games this year if the squad stays healthy, as this isn't a team that is going to rest stars often. The Eastern Conference is deep, but the Boston Celtics are deeper. They proved it in their impressive regular season run from 2022 on, and in their deep playoff run a few months ago. I am not worried about tired legs with Al Horford being the only player above 30 on the roster and am excited to watch another dominant run this season under Ime Udoka with Brad Stevens unafraid to make moves if things go wrong.

H/T to Jim Davis with the Boston Globe for the photo.

I know that the NFL has just gotten started, but let me know what you all think of these NBA win totals by tweeting @AndyHHSports on Twitter, or leaving a comment below! I will be putting out more and more basketball content over the coming weeks as we are close to a month away now from the first tip. We also will have plenty of NFL and College Football reactions, best bets, and more headed your way as the season moves along! Finally, don't miss out on any of our UFC, baseball, or soccer to keep you entertained during the week! We appreciate your support, and thanks for reading.


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