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Sharpen the Public: Episode 10, How you Can Use this 10-1 Trend to Win Bets in Week 11

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Episode Summary: Sharpen the Public is designed to give you the most accurate and interesting data surrounding public betting trends so you can win more of your bets. Sports gambling is not easy, but we can give ourselves distinct advantages by tracking how well the general public and sharp bettors do each week. This information is public, but no one really knows what the numbers mean. However, DJ has tracked what happens in games when numbers fall into certain ranges. Join DJ and Rick as they break down where the public betting trends have landed after Week 10. They touch on some incredible trends you cannot find anywhere else, including ones with records like 20-4, 15-4, and even 10-1.

Happy Hour Sports is the only brand you will find that analyzes betting data in this way to help you find value each week in the NFL. So press the follow button, and join the wave where DJ and Happy Hour Sports try to Sharpen the Public once again!

We also ask that you rate and share the podcast because it helps us out a lot. We are a small brand working our way into a large industry, so everything counts. Thanks for checking us out! Thank you so much for checking us out. I am incredibly excited for this, if you could not already tell. I know the only way to go from here is up, we will continue to learn how to become your favorite weekly NFL betting podcast. Please let me know on Twitter how we can improve or if there is anything else you would like from us! Topics Discussed:

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  • Week 10 Analysis: []

  • Week 11 Look Ahead: []

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Resources Mentioned: The Action Network - Source for all of DJ's Data (Action please partner with us thx) Check the podcast out on YouTube! We are using Discord to record, but if you have any other ideas please let me know. My Week 10 Article - Stay Tuned for Week 11! Subscribe to not miss it. TikTok Trend BET WITH ABC ISLANDS SPORTSBOOK!

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They have some great initial deposit deals and are going to be our sportsbook for a good bit. Check em out, and look out for more details soon!

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