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NBA Best Bets Friday 11/11

Updated: Nov 14

Happy Veteran's Day to all of our veterans out there in the United States, and make a wish if you are celebrating 11/11 today! It is Friday, the weekend is here, and so are my NBA Best Bets to get your weekend started off right. Over the past 11 days of NBA betting action, we have gone 13-10 for a profit of 2.05 Units. Let's keep November profitable for us and jump right into some fun Friday hoops action:

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Celtics / Nuggets 1Q over 59.5

(-110) - 0.75 Units

Celtics / Nuggets 1H over 118.5

(-110) - 0.75 Units

This may be a bit out of the ordinary from the plays you are used to seeing me take. However, when the #1 and #3 top scoring offenses in the first quarter collide in Denver and Boston respectively, you have to take the over! Denver are averaging 33.3 points per game in the first, while Boston are averaging 30.8. Boston and Denver are just two of seven NBA teams averaging more than 30 points per game in the first, with Denver leading second place Milwaukee by 1.5 points per game.

Both Boston and Denver are also in the top 4 of the NBA in scoring for the entire first half as well. Boston are putting up 62.8 points per game in the first half, with Denver grabbing 60.8 points per game on average. On top of this, both teams rank in the top 5 in offensive efficiency, with Boston leading the way with a strong 1.149.

One concern here is that they are both in the bottom half of possessions per game, but being in the top 5 for offensive efficiency shows these two teams know how to score the ball and not waste away valuable possessions. Finally, Boston and Denver both rank in the bottom third for defensive efficiency, making the perfect recipe for a plethora of scoring tonight to get things kicked off in Boston. Let's see some early scoring tonight in what should be a shootout!

Phoenix Suns / Orlando Magic under 217 (-110) - 1 Unit

There are a couple of quick factors playing into this one. The Orlando Magic may have one of the best offensive efficiencies at home in the league, but they have yet to see a defense like Phoenix. The Suns are the second best team in the league in defensive efficiency, and being without Chris Paul has slowed down their offense a bit.

The Magic get their bread and butter scoring inside, which the Suns rank in the top 10 defending against 2-point shot attempts. Both teams are also in the bottom third of the NBA when it comes to possessions per game which helps our under even more. Let's see some defense and missed shots in Orlando tonight!


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