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College Basketball Best Bets 11/18

Updated: 5 days ago

Colorado State vs College of Charleston, Charleston 5:00pm ET

Enter two clubs that laid absolute waste to their first round opponents in the Charleston Classic, albeit in quite different ways. The Rams of Colorado State flew by the Gamecocks from the opening tip and never looked back while Charleston was up and down throughout before going on a monster run in the final 10 minutes to put Davidson away.

Pat Kelsey's Cougars continue to be the most Jekyll and Hyde team so far in this young season. Susceptible to big runs by their opponents and making big runs themselves. On the other hand, Colorado State has begun to become quite consistent without their best player on the floor and are looking better every game. While Colorado State has some inefficiencies on defense, Charleston has been far from efficient on that side of the floor and will face better, more athletic defenders than they did yesterday against Davidson. Colorado State's fluid offense is where the mismatches lie. There is still positive regression to be made here and they have a sizable advantage in the halfcourt and should finish around the rim (Top 50 in the nation according to ShotQuality) at ease against a pretty soft Charleston frontcourt.

This is a great matchup between two of the best coaches at the mid major level in Nico Medved and Pat Kelsey. It will be a chess match throughout but Colorado State should not be an underdog in this one. I will take them ML +100 and all the way up to -1.

South Carolina vs Davidson, Charleston 7:30pm ET

It feels like groundhog day looking into Colorado State and South Carolina matchups again today but here we are. Both the Gamecocks and Wildcats had a night to forget yesterday and will be hoping to rebound (no pun intended) with a win tonight. Davidson was exploited by Charleston's athleticism and the ability to pressure Foster Loyer but that weakness will not be exploited today by South Carolina.

The Wildcats should thrive in about every aspect on offense today. They should find plenty of open looks from beyond the arc and inside the paint. South Carolina's defense is still due for some negative regression and as they face higher quality opponents that should come to fruition.

Where South Carolina could find some success is on the offensive boards again. They do have a decided advantage in that aspect but I'm not sure that is enough to be a game changer in this one. They rely too much on scoring from 3 and that it something that Davidson has been resilient against ranking in the top 70 in defending both catch and shoot 3s and those attempted off the dribble (S/O ShotQuality).

For me, Davidson -2 is the farthest I will go but I'll still take it there.. I'd love to endorse a Pk that was around this morning but the market has adjusted a bit.

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