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About Us

Happy Hour Sports launched in May of 2022 with the purpose of providing sports fans a one-stop shop for what is going on after work.  The idea came to fruition after countless conversations between myself and Rick about how can we turn our hobby into something other people can enjoy and appreciate with us.  For us, looking into research and insights on how to find the best possible angle on any random sporting event was a thrill worth sharing.  

Both growing up as sports fans from a young age, sports was something that we have talked about, had in common, or hashed out differences over for years after meeting at the University of South Carolina in 2015.  Sports is how Rick and I became friends and eventually decided to turn our passion into a business that others can enjoy and read about with us.  Whether it is football, baseball, basketball, or  mixed martial arts, the mission is simple:  provide our takes, picks, and best bets while you sit back and enjoy your Happy Hour after 5.

But researching and analyzing takes up a lot of time.  How can you form your own opinions on Cubs versus Giants on a Tuesday night in Wrigley when you got off of work at 6 o clock?  Where am I supposed to find my edge betting on a game when the prop menu has 300 different options?  This is where we found our niche.

Why do the research yourself when this is what we enjoy doing all day long?

As we continue to improve our approach and knowledge base we hope that you all will join us on this journey.  Sign up today and join our community, or join the conversation by following us on Twitter @HHSportsHQ.  We look forward to interacting with everyone and seeing what you think about the most exciting things going on after work.

-  Andy & Rick


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